Solar Roofing

Solar RoofingEco-friendly household items are becoming more common and solar roof panels are the new products that are in high demand. They are environment friendly, save a lot of money on electricity bills and last for many years. There are two main types of solar panels: crystalline solar panels and BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic).

They generate power from solar energy and saves money in the long run. By reducing your reliance on electricity, one is only leaving positive effects on the environment by reducing pollution that is caused by thermal power plants. BIPV solar panels are used for flat roofs where they absorb the sunshine throughout day. Solar panels are very effective in areas where the sunlight hours are more and the daylight is longer.

Many people hesitate to use solar energy due to the bulkiness of prominent solar panels. If this sounds familiar, solar roofing can be a good solution. It consists of a solar roof tiles that lock over the existing roof tiles and offer all the advantages of the panels. Here are some common questions and answers about solar roofs.

Difference Between Solar Panels and Solar Roofing

Solar panels are firm and covered with glass modules and are put on racks above the existing roof. Solar roof panels consist of solar cell elements in form of tiles. As an integral part of the roof, they produce energy and protect your home from the foreign elements simultaneously.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Solar Roofing

Solar Roofing InstallationA major benefit for installing solar roofing and solar roof tiles is that it combines functionality with aesthetics. As these plates can closely mimic the shape and color of existing tiles and do not change the structure of the roof. Homeowners associations and old societies are much more likely to allow the sun roof.

What are the disadvantages of solar roof? As you might expect, photovoltaic cells are more expensive and complicated to install than the normal solar panels. Because solar roof is a part of the existing roof, you should be very sure that it is reliable and is certified to guarantee a power backup.

Can I find a solar roofing that matches my existing tiles? Solar roof tiles come in a wide range of sizes and colors. Chances are very good that high quality solar tiles may not meet your requirement. This is a good question to ask from a solar consultant!

Inquiring About Solar Roofing

Solar roofing, which is also known as building integrated solar cells require a higher level of experience and knowledge to install to achieve a good result. It is good to choose the services of the installer, who has extensive experience with solar roofing, licensed contracting and is certified by NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy practitioners). Stable companies in this domain are more likely to provide ten to twenty years of back up guarantee.

So, if you want solar panels to save money on your electricity bills, this is a great investment. In addition, in some states, your local government or city will help with some type of reimbursement for installing solar roofing in your home. This will help with the overall expenses and also reduce your cost of installation. Be sure to check with your local officials to see if there are these types of benefits. Break the mold and be different – use solar panels as they are an important step in the right direction to protect our Earth.

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