Roofing Materials Costs Comparison

Roofing materials costs vary depending on the types of materials used, fabrication and installation. Depending on the type of roofing material you’ve purchased or is currently on your roof, it is ideal to purchase the same type of roofing material to aid in repair. On the other hand, some homeowners will want a completely new roof. It all depends on you and the size of the problem or leak.

Roofing Materials Costs for General Roofing Repair

Generally, a common roof will consists of plywood and shingles as these are fundamental and widely used materials in the roofing industry. In this scenario to explore roofing materials costs, we will consider the most common of all roof repairs – the replacing of plywood, shingles and flashing when a leak has developed. On average, the work area is usually around a 10’x10′ area.

Roofing Materials Costs for This Scenario

The industry average of materials and prices for this project is as follows..


Roofing quality plywood usually measures approximately measures 5/8″ thickness is roughly $20. For In this particular project, four sheets are needed and they sit at a total of approximately $80. The standard square foot cost of shingles vary but on average, for this project shingles needed to cover up 100 square feet of roof repair will costs about $100. To keep them in place, a nail gun is needed and the standard roll of 1 1/4″ galvanized nails costs $65. Roofing cement is needed to finish the project and is approximately $22 per gallon. Materials may be cheaper and at discounted prices at rush bargain sales or in sales at home improvement stores.

Labor :

A carpenter or roofing professional costs between $45 and $75 per hour, depending on the work and the location. Most repair jobs can take two full business days to complete. The professionals are needed as a leak may look fixable on the outside but may have damaged the structural aspect of the home. Other attachments such as chimneys, flashing, skylights or valleys involved in the project makes the work much more complex. Roofing installation costs will be a lot more expensive as more work is needed to accomplish the task.

Additional Roofing Materials Costs

All new shingles can be used to cover the existing roof. According to the general roofing market and its estimating costs guide, the square foot cost is around $1.25 to $2 to install standard asphalt shingles over existing shingles or shakes.

Skylights – when a skylight develops a leak, it is a bit more costly to tackle the roofing repair. This is because the entire surface area surrounding the light has to be cleared of shingles, a new flashing has to be installed surrounding the fixture, and then the new shingles are installed. Most roofing experts put a price of around $450 for materials and labor on this relatively small area.

Roofing Materials Costs Comparison Chart

Be sure to look online, visit a home improvement store and ask professional roofing contractors about their own estimating costs guide to compare prices, work and finish. The more time put into preparation and planning, the less chance of errors and delay in finishing the job. Below is a roofing materials costs comparison chart. It is designed to compare and contrast the most popular roofing materials and their costs. In addition, advantages and disadvantages are noted.

Roofing Materials Costs Comparison 

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