Green Roofing

Green roofing is the practice of installing a green roofing system that is able to support and nurture a vegetative covering on the roof deck of a building.

What is Green Roofing?

Green RoofingThis is done by transplanting or seeding living plants onto a specialized, lightweight roofing soil medium to create a green roof or also commonly know as a “sky garden”. In addition, green roofing system can be used to establish complex rooftop eco-systems which benefit the building and the environment

Green roofing aren’t the only for flat roofs as with the right system, any roof can inhabit a decent amount of plantation. This concept is popular among city dwellers who often want for green space such as a yard or a deck. The additional green roofing space can supply a platform to express one’s creativity, and bring a bit of nature back to the city. Because of its advantages and benefits to the environment, manufacturers are trying to create products that take less energy to make.

Green Roofing Types

There are 3 types of Green Roofing available: Extensive, Semi-intensive & Intensive Green Roofs

Extensive Green Roof

Green Roofing LayeringThis type of green roofing is low in weight, cost and maintenance. There are pre-grown vegetation blanket systems ready to be implemented outdoors from products produced in Canada. This will create a hearty green surface and plantation from the initial installation.

Semi-intensive Green Roof

Offering a little more vegetation than the extensive type is the semi-intensive green roofing system. In this system, a variety of grasses, herbaceous plants, wild shrubs, and coppices are grown on patented vegetation carriers. The installation and the depth of the growing medium or soil and maintenance requirements vary depending on the plant selection and positioning.

Intensive Green Roof

In addition to the variety provided by the semi-intensive approach, intensive green roofs can consist of grassed areas and selected trees. This type of system will require a greater depth of soil making heavy demands on the structure. Regular maintenance is also needed with basic procedures such as watering, fertilizing and weeding. This type of green roofing is typically built for recreational use.

Green Roofing Benefits and Advantages

Green Roofing Benefits

There are many benefits to green roofing and it one of the roofing materials providing consumers and people around them countless advantages. Here are some of the major benefits for the purchase and installation of green roofing:

Rainfall and Storm Water Management
Green roofing systems can retain around 60-100% of the rain water they receive. This makes the system highly self-functional. Also, storm water retention relieves excess water volume from overburdened sewer systems and directs the flow of water to other areas. Not only does it ease the overall process, but it also filters storm water pollutants. By creating a plantation, more routes for rain water can be used to drive the water away from one place to another, compensating for the loss due to large patches of pavements and cement. Green roofs mitigate the impacts of storm water runoff from urban development.

Reduce Energy Costs
Green roofing can also help regulate indoor temperatures which can lead to owners reducing their energy costs. Homeowners with green roofs recalled to have significant drops in heat during the summer months. In addition, this leads to lower air conditioner consumption. As green roofing acts as a barrier to thermal energy around the sun, it can shade the home from the sun’s energy through the roof. Plants are able to re-circulate water from the root zone, cooling the air above the roof and absorb or deflect incoming solar radiation. This is very beneficial for the homeowners or the people living in the building. Furthermore, green roofing also have the ability to channel the rays into helping nearby plants thrive and beautify an otherwise neglected urban space.

Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect
Because of the density of building and skyscrapers, cities can be up to 5-7º C hotter than their surrounding rural areas. By installing green roofing, living green plantation can help mitigate this effect by cooling the air over congested and packed urban environments.

Extended Life of Roof Membranes
The constant weather changes from the climate can give major stress to roofing materials and roofing membranes. By installing a green roofing system, temperature fluctuations are minimized. This can extend the roofing membranes underneath the green roofing system to be preserved and protected. As the plantation enjoys the rain and sun, it becomes a win-win situation for property owners and the roofing materials itself. Increased longevity of the roofing materials are estimated to be over 100%.

Sound Insulation
With the many layers that are produced by green roofing, sound waves are absorbed, reflected or deflected. This is beneficial to the noise and sound from cars, trains and people in a populated city.

Improved Air Quality
CO, NO2, O3, PM10, SO2 are harmful pollutants and can be reduced with the help and functionality of the green roofing.

Greening Urban Space, Conserving Biodiversity and Food
Green roofing helps to green urban cityscape. As cities become bigger and bigger, more rural areas with forests and vegetation are being taken out in favour of urbanization. By green roofing, the green life and plants can make its way back and also bring life to the cities. Rich plantation, soil and other forms of green life can create larger scale green roofing projects like recreation parks. This also creates new eco-systems for bugs, insects, birds and other animals that strive on these plants and vegetation. With new plants and areas, comes new life and habitats. Food production can also be constructed through green roofing and is beneficial for humans in that we can help sustain our planet and scarce resources by learning how to produce our own food.

Green roofing provides benefits and advantages in a micro and macro sense. It is important to be economically and environmentally friendly to provide not only a better living environment for us but also for the future. With green roofing and green products being very beneficial, manufacturers and producers are constantly looking for ways to improve products to make it consume less energy and becoming “greener”. As more products hit the shelves, it is safe to say that we have choice in keep out planet intact and healthy.

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