Asphalt Roofing

Roofing design and blueprint in any type of culture is relevant to blocking and diverting of water and debris away a home or building’s structure. In addition, the natural force of gravity is responsible for this action as well as the shape of the roof and the materials used. There are different types of roofing available and not all can provide the type of benefit, durability, performance and appearance like those from asphalt roofing. With different types and styles of asphalt roofing and its many benefits, water can travel at different speeds on the surface. The water can then be pushed aside towards the gutters located at the edge of the roof and into other gutters, tubes and piping.

Background Information on Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt RoofingThe least expensive of the roofing materials is asphalt because it can be interpreted as a matte paper or fiberglass soaked in asphalt, then encrusted with ceramic granule elements to give it that rugged look and structure. On average, a big benefit is that the lifespan of asphalt roofing can last from 15-30 years as tiles or shingles. The life span depends on the type of material used during production and the weathering and climate within your region. Weather patterns are important because at times, wind can be devastating and in some cases, wind forces can be as punishing as damage from water, cold temperatures and heat waves from the sun.

In general, there are a few variants of asphalt roll roofing, which are able to be utilized as underlayment, flashing and roofing on home buildings including your garages, sheds and other structures. Because this type of asphalt roofing consists of layers of mineral granules embedded on the surface, its ruggedness and thickness is ideal to be used as primary roofing. On the other hand, smooth surfaced roll roofing, also known as coated felt, can provide the flashing around eaves and gables as it seals and protects the roofing project around seams, edges, corner work and interaction. Through research and the technological advances in producing roofing materials, manufacturers and producers are able to offer a wide range of asphalt roofing types and products each with its own properties and usage. There are also saturated felt asphalt roofing which is a kind of roll roofing that are commonly installed between the roof and the final pieces of roofing shingles. With this type of felt that becomes impregnated with asphalt, it can provide a durable shield that provides extra water proofing and more durability.

The Benefits of Asphalt Roofing

Installed Asphalt Roofing ShinglesThere are a few important reasons why homeowners and property owners will want to consider purchasing asphalt roofing for their home or dismantle their current roof and upgrade to it. Because of its benefits, it is a clear no-brainer. Here are 4 examples of why asphalt roofing is very beneficial to the consumers:

1 Short install time. Asphalt roofing is probably one of the most easiest roofing materials to install. Though like all roofing materials and projects, its highly recommended to hire and contractor for the job. This type of roofing can be applied and installed over the current roofing, providing that the current roofing is in moderate condition. As a result of its flexibility and efficiency, homeowners can save a lot of money as there is no longer a need to hire or pay for extra work done on the current roof to have it dismantled, uninstalled or removed. In addition, there will be no disposal materials to throw away and your expenses will decrease. Timing can benefit not only the homeowner but the contractors as well – a win-win situation.

2 They are lightweight and durable. Because of asphalt roofing’s weight and durability, it is highly recommended for homes that have slightly weaker support that are unable to cope with the stress from ceramic or slate roofing shingles and tiles. This lightweight and durable material will benefit the homeowners as the material will be able to provide you with an extraordinary look and provide the protection your roof needs from the weathering. Furthermore, if you do decide that asphalt roofing should be installed over the existing roof, because of its properties, the asphalt roofing do not typically affect the overall structure of the roofing plan and home.

3 It’s highly customizable to each home. As asphalt roofing continues to provide its beneficial characteristics to home owners, the roofing manufacturers are able to create several looks for the already popular asphalt roofing tile and shingles. By changing the types of granule materials, colors can come in a little more variety than the standard grey asphalt tiles. It creates a unique look for every roof its installed on and can recreate historical roofing styles and queues, again without harming or moving away from the structural or design integrity of the home.

4 It’s relatively inexpensive when compared to other roofing materials. As mentioned earlier, the cost of this type of roofing is very reasonable and with proper installation and maintenance, can last upwards of 20 years. Do visit our pages for more information regarding asphalt roofing products and do consider asphalt roofing on your next purchase as it provides a reasonably priced alternative, durability and uniqueness as a whole package.

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